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The masters with whom you practiced/the yoga tradition you teach?

Tatiana Avila Bouru, Danielle Coulibaly, Shiva Rae, Anne Francin.

The years of teaching to your credit? Since 2018, so 6 years.

Your favorite occupation? Going to bed early!

What you are looking for when you teach? My main goal of every class is to get students to connect with their bodies, to feel every movement, every breath, every challenge and every triumph.

What you are looking for when you practice? A long practice with intelligent flows and progressions that makes my body feel good.

What would be your greatest misfortune? No having a coffee in the morning

Your favorite heroes and heroines? My friends are my heroes, they inspire me everyday.

Your favorite motto?

It does not matter if you have been practicing yoga for years or if you are new to the practice. What matters is that you are present and practicing right now.

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